Thought Creator and ThingWorx partnership for IoT solutions announced


Innowave’s Thought Creator is pleased to announce a systems integration partnership with ThingWorx. This is a move set to enable the successful implementation of Thought Creator solutions into the market via the ThingWorx platform.

Lisbon, June [6th], 2016 – The partnership formed in February of this year facilitates the combining of Thought Creator’s IoT value added services with ThingWorx’s IoT application platform. This is with the ultimate aim of continued solution development and deployment from the Portuguese solution and service provider.

João Espadanal Gonçalves, CTO of Thought Creator, states that based on this agreement, Thought Creator is now certified to use ‘a leading IoT technology that will significantly enhance its industry offerings’ 

Through the partnership, Thought Creator is positioned as ‘one of the few ThingWorx certified players’ and as such will be able to ‘use their platform in the future to develop [their] own IoT vertical industry solutions’ Mr Gonçalves adds.  

The benefit, however, lies not only in what the partnership holds for Thought Creator, but also for ThingWorx and existing Thought Creator Customers; ThingWorx wins a major integrator for markets in which both companies can compete, and current customers of Thought Creator that acquire the ThingWorx platform gain an experienced end-to-end integrator.   

All in all, as Mr. Gonçalves explains: ‘the industry secures a new player with major M2M/IoT hardware and application experience’. Furthermore, the ‘ThingWorx platform allows for the quick development of applications, and brings a greater level of diversity to the market’. 


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