InnoWave’s New Gamification Application Recognizes and Rewards Employee Engagement

InnoWave’s New Gamification Application Recognizes and Rewards Employee Engagement 
InnoPoints assigns points according to employee participation in company events. InnoWave also launched a replica for local authorities. CityPoints aims to reward citizens who adopt good citizenship practices. 
Lisbon, March 23, 2017 - InnoWave Technologies has launched InnoPoints; an application available for IOS and Android that aims to challenge corporate employees to improve their work methods and overall engagement in company life! InnoPoints uses the concept of gamification to recognize and reward employee participation in company events through the allocation of points.
"InnoPoints aims to reward commitment and participation, with the ultimate goal of improving engagement and promoting compliance with internal procedures through a gamification context," explains Pedro Pinto, CTO of InnoWave Technologies. 
"In addition to improving overall compliance and engagement, we also hope that the app will bring a 'feeling of adventure' to professional life. After all, depending on performance, employees will earn points that can be exchanged for certain prizes" he further adds.
Whilst InnoPoints is a concept primarily focused toward success within organizations, InnoWave has also launched CityPoints; a similar application that aims to encourage good practices of citizenship and is aimed at local authorities. 
"Also based on gamification, CityPoints is aimed at municipalities with the intention of encouraging citizens to exercise solidarity and social involvement! Individuals that participate in activities such as blood donation for example, are recognized and rewarded" says Pedro Pinto. 
To test the effectiveness of the application, InnoWave implemented InnoPoints internally in the last quarter of 2016. 
Pedro Pinto describes how "there are approximately 150 internal users at InnoWave, which means that more than 75 percent of the company are using InnoPoints, more than 1000 points have been earned, and we see internal usage increasing every day!"


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