InnoWave offers a great variety of applications with more than 100 deployed. Our offer is separated in 4 categories, t-commerce, social, utilities and entertainment. We believe in innovative yet simple concepts.




yubuy is a T-commerce solution that allows an easy, quick and secure purchase of services and goods directly from the comfort of your home.

   • It's a TV shopping mall
   • Provides new revenue streams
   • Scalable cloud platform
   • Fast and secure transactions enabler
   • White label store ready for your brand
   • Viewers to shoppers enabler



Applications dedicated to Brands with high level of “brand recognition”.

Facebook on TV provides the ability to access Facebook most popular features on a seamless user experience fully integrated with the TV operator UI.

Twitter is many things. It’s a news wire, a social network, a tool for self-expression but it’s also a TV companion. It’s public, real-time and conversational, making it the perfect complement to television. InnoWave Twitter offers the unique feature of contextual tweeting, this means we know what the user is watching and immediately show the related hashtags on a seamless user experience fully integrated with the TV operator UI.

Do you know that?
In Q2 2013, 19 million unique people in the USA composed 263 million tweets about live TV

Share2TV  |  InnPix

Photos aggregator platform of different repositories like Facebook, Instagram and Picasa. Why not see photos where they belong? On the big screen. The application is presented on a seamless user experience fully integrated with the paid TV operator UI



Simple, useful applications meant to support clients in day-by-day life.

Feeds aggregator platform fully customizable, offering the possibility to personalize the feed selection from hundreds of trusted sources. The application is easy to use and it’s seamlessly integrated with the TV operator user experience.

Feeds aggregator platform that shows the covers of local magazines and newspapers.

News aggregator platform based on the TV channel Economic. It’s an on top interactive layer with all the latest economic news, stock markets and business newspapers covers.

Traffic information application with streaming support allowing users to check real time the status of the main streets and highways traffic through text based or webcam reports.

Weather forecast application seamlessly integrated on the TV user experience. Simple yet very useful application usually placed at the top 10 most used TV interactive applications.

Call a cab from the comfort of the living room. This TV application provides Clients address automatically making it an easy, secure and very convenient process.



Engaging entertainment applications allowing clients to share experiences with family and friends

- Gameroom

- InnQuiz

InnQuiz provides a realistic quiz show experience, allowing the users to compete against each other. InnQuiz is a platform with the ability to easily customize questions categories. InnoWave currently offers a set of questions about Portugal history.

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