ZON Mobile portal To provide quick and easy access through any smartphone, anytime, anywhere to ZON's information as it happens in the company's website without need to have a dedicated team for managing the mobile version.

To develop a transverse app that works on every smartphone independently of the used OS. The app has most of the information that is present on ZON's website, which is automatically exported. The app also has a customer area, EPG and movie information.

In the end all the information can be accessed "on the go" adding to the company's interaction with the customers and without added costs to ZON.
Innspect ZON To provide a way for service providers and device manufacturers to automate complex test scenarios and user interactions with set Top Boxes. To develop a solution (HW and SW) that allows to automate STB tests, to perform them simultaneously and 24/7 and to monitor them through a cloud-based management platform with an easy to use user interface The customers are able to manage their QA team’s performance more easily, anywhere, anytime, increasing their profitability, test the stability and performance of applications and expanding the test coverage in order to offer a quality product to the end user.

Mobile Tech To provide more information and autonomy to the technical support with less burocracy and sms/phone calls to solve a customer's problem To develop a mobile web app where technical staff can access all the information they need. This information is provided via workflows to more easily conduct the intervention. The app can also provide information about several productivity indicators to the managers and coordinators.


ZON was able to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency for the technical interventions. Customer satisfaction was improved and trees were also saved by significantly reducing the consumption of paper.
Zon Movies To provide customers with a way to check the date, time, and theatre and screen availability for each movie and buy tickets, all in a fast, convenient and simple way through their television set. To develop a tv app where the customer can check the details of each movie (actors, synopsis, duration, etc.),watch promotional trailers, mark theaters as favorites and filter by their location, select day, time, theater and seat through a simple and intuitive booking process, purchase tickets and forward tickets to a smartphone.


ZON now also offers the possibility to purchase movie tickets through the television set.
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