Vodafone Enterprise Billing Portal The challenge was to create a framework that could allow Vodafone to simplify and automate the billing operations processes. The solution was to build a web portal where all customer data could be imported and processed before be sent to the billing platform. The solution was designed in a modular way so that could be easily expanded. This framework was implemented with a large success and the customer got the tool that was expected. This tool also helped to reduce the dependency on the current Billing System / Vendor which bring us more flexibility and control.

Oracle BRM Support the billing M2M line of business, the customer requested the implementation of a billing system to their large enterprise accounts, based on ORACLE BRM ("Revenue Management and Business") solution.

To solve the case presented by the client InnoWave produced several functional modules of the product, including the product catalog, charging and rating, as well as providing clients / subscriptions and mediation of CDRs.

In the end of the project the implementation allowed the customer to invoice all customers M2M with success, “on time” e “on-budget”.
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