Everyday improving our InnoWaver's lives.

Our primary focus here at InnoWave is our people; we even have a dedicated People & Culture team working daily to promote the satisfaction of InnoWavers worldwide!
As a group of companies formed primarily of millennials, InnoWave has developed policies that aim to appeal to and address the requirements of this ever-evolving group of employees; continuous professional challenges, work versatility, and innovation are three such areas that we have identified of significance. 
At InnoWave we have a daily commitment to bring innovative approaches to everything we do. We believe and promote the creation of inspirational teams that use innovative technologies to create a future full of endless possibilities. An example of this attitude in action can be seen in the recent improvements implemented to our internal processes. In the scope of innovation, we developed a mobile app that is based on the concept of gamification, designed to promote the recognition of InnoWaver’s achievements: by participating in company initiatives, employees can earn virtual points that can be exchanged for prizes ranging from tickets to football games, festivals, merchandise, etc.
An important part of what makes our People & Culture team so special – aside from filling the on-going needs of our InnoWavers – is the ability to anticipate and address these requirements at the right time. In order to maintain the high levels of satisfaction that distinguish us in the market, we work hard to provide performance enhancing training for employees, to organize events promoting both social awareness and a positive, friendly work environment, and to ensure career progression in all areas. For example, we have recently introduced an upgrade of our performance evaluation process that is defined by its transparency and fairness, which gives visibility to career progression as well as the skills needed to achieve it.
Some other key initiatives to consider when looking at what defines the people and culture of InnoWave are InnoWave University and InnSpire. InnoWave University is a project that aims to promote the training of our employees, giving special emphasis to the dissemination of the company's culture and values. Our annual InnSpire event aims to further promote our brand and culture through a series of small conferences on inspiring and innovative themes, aimed to bring technology to the new generation.
As innovation is present in everything we develop, our facilities are no exception, and we strive to maintain a fun and creative environment at InnoWave. As an internationally expanding company, InnoWavers aren’t just based in Lisbon, but the world over! Because of this, the People & Culture team keep a close eye on the needs of all offices and employees, doing their best to promote team spirit by visiting each team’s workplace.
In summary, our priority is to have happy InnoWavers all over the world. We believe that trust and autonomy, coupled with challenging and engaging projects, good working conditions and exceptional teams, makes a huge difference. After all, at the end of the day InnoWave’s mission is to "change lives through innovation”, whether that is of our team, our customers, or end users of our products and services! 


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