InnoWave's 'Time Capsule'

InnoWave's Time Capsule captures the interest of international companies at Web Summit 2017
Multinational companies are keen to take InnoWave’s Time Capsule to other countries following it’s debut at Web Summit, and there are already projects for future installations in shopping centers and even in reality shows. Almost 300 people tried their hand at predicting the future of technology in the InnoWave Time Capsule during the Web Summit.
Lisbon, November 2017 – InnoWave’s time machine simulator, Time Capsule, debuted at the Web Summit earlier this year, and proved to be a huge success. It even went so far as to attract the attention of several international companies, who are interested in taking the concept to other countries and markets, including placing it in shopping centers and reality shows.
The goal was to bring a concept to the event that will catch the eye of innovation seekers at one of the world’s largest technology fairs. Practically speaking, our Time Capsule is a simulator that allows for predictions about the future, based upon personal and biometric data provided by the user. ‘Time Travelers’ were also asked to make some choices about pre-selected topics - fashion, industry, health, and communications – that will contribute toward their prediction.
To ensure everything worked perfectly, InnoWave partnered with LG, who acted in this context as a technology facilitator. The provision of Digital Signage solutions from LG’s professional segment, e.g. the Video Wall, increased the quality innovative experience for our Time Capsule users
"In addition to the hundreds of people who stopped by our booth to admire our Time Capsule, we had 450 people wanting to forecast the future and 285 who managed to do it. It is clear that the time was insufficient for all who wanted participate in this innovative movement – something we will keep in mind moving forward”, says Pedro Pinto, CTO of InnoWave.
A huge success considering that InnoWave's objective for participation in the Web Summit was not to close deals but to enhance innovation and promote creativity!
"We wanted to challenge our visitors to live innovation, predict the future of technology, and forecast the way our lives will change", says Pedro Pinto. "The biggest benefit of the event was that we had visitors from more than 150 cities and 58 different countries, from 7 to 67 years of age, sharing with us the future the innovation as they see it", he explains.
There are plenty of reasons as to why the Web Summit went very well for InnoWave; having exceeded all expectations, not only in the feedback regarding the presence of the company in the event, but also regarding the degree of participation and the feeling of innovation that the technology inspired among visitors.
InnoWave's presence at the event was so gratifying that the company is already thinking about what it will prepare for the 2018 edition. "Although we are no longer a start-up, we keep the spirit innovative and enterprising, and are sure to learn from the mistakes and successes that we are achieving along the way”, reveals Pedro Pinto.


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