Internationally Inclined; Business outside of Portugal continues to rise for InnoWave as global expansion continues

Lisbon, June 22, 2017 – InnoWave Technologies have reached a notable milestone in their mission of international growth this month, as work from outside of Portugal surpasses local business for overall group focus.
InnoWave began 2017 with a very clear vision in mind; international growth. Now - as we approach the end of Semester one – InnoWave can confirm that work and partnerships formed outside of the company’s home region, Portugal accounts for 62% of InnoWave’s group business. This is a collective effort from the teams in Lisbon, Brussels and London, who have achieved this success together by developing cross-border business and attracting exciting new clients from further afield than ever before, e.g. US and APAC.
The successful growth of InnoWave to regions outside of Portugal is not only reflected in the volume of customers and partners globally, but also in the increase of new staff, development of new offices, and the adoption of our products in new markets.
"We have recruited 32 new InnoWavers since January", reveals Tiago. "We intend to recruit a further 50 employees in a range of areas by the end of this year", he adds. This is a target that reflects InnoWave’s desire to consolidate operations in the newly established US and Netherlands offices, and continue to provide our global customers with fantastic products and services, meeting ever-growing demands. After all, InnoWave Portugal alone exports more than 44% of its products and services! A good example of the significant and developing role that foreign markets have in the company’s billing, and further evidence supporting InnoWave’s international growth plans. 


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